Friday, 23 January 2009

It's been a while

Reposted with permission from Boxer Rescue of Atlantic Canada

Hi, Everyone. I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a week but my mom was a little busy with my sister so I couldn't get on the computer. She had a tumor on her head and it was really ugly so I'm glad it's gone. Hopefully she will be nicer now that it's off and she doesn't need to be self conscious.

I had lots of fun this week and am being a good boy and eating all of my food. I've gained a whole pound and am now 5.8 pounds. I'm all muscle, not a bit of chub :) (not that a bit of chub isn't ok, you know). You should see me beating the big dogs up. They should know better than to mess with me. I made the pitbull afraid of me but am still working on the others. The cats are pretty rude too so I need to be meaner to them. Mom says I should just get along but she doesn't understand that this house needs a man to rule it. I need to protect the ladies.

It's very cold outside of the doors here. Mom and the other dogs go out but I don't want to. I go to the door to see them off but I run back when I feel the cold. I have pads inside that I pee on when they go outside. I'm a pretty smart guy. We have a boston terrier that I play with sometimes and he doesn't like it outside. Unfortunately he's what they call 'special' and doesn't understand. They feel bad sometimes that I'm much smarter than him but am a lot younger. He has a lot of fun too though and I'm going to protect him when I get bigger.

This week I'm going to continue having fun and eating lots. I'm going to try to get big and strong to prepare for my surgery that will make me all better. I'm also going to stop drinking wine so my liver can develop. Just kidding - my mom won't let me have any no matter how hard I try.


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