Saturday, 27 November 2010

Brosa is 2 years old now!

This past Thursday, November 25th, Brosa quietly turned 2 years old.  On Monday, I decided since he was such a big boy now, it's time to start staying out of the crate in the daytime, and he has made me proud of him.  He'd previously had been out of the crate at most 5 or 6 hours unsupervised, and now, he can go the whole day.

Brosa's Auntie Lee Anne had already sent a gift to him, with strict instructions not to open it until his birthday; after I came home from work, it was celebration time!

 First you have to push the gift all around the kitchen floor because it smells so wonderful.
 Then you give it a really good sniff while mama opens the card.
 The front of the card
 The inside of the card:  "Happy Birfday, you little monkey!  Love your CB fam!"

They know us well!
 Gift #1 - a cute new Bandanna which he will wear proudly at a future rescue event.
 Jackpot!  Homemade cookies, a new rubber Chuck-it ball, and a beautiful new collar we were eying!
 Modeling the collar while waiting for one of the yummy cookies.
 Today was Santa Pix day for the SPCA - after our photo (at the end of this blog post), we went to Three Dog Bakery to buy a belated birthday treat (along with a "Good Dog!" treat for the pictures).  Brosa gets a Boxer Brownie.
 Delta and Oscar each get a Puppermint Lickety Split.
 Ready......... set...........
 Oscar, ever the glutton, grabs all of his treat in his mouth and struggles with trying to break it up to swallow, lol!
 While Delta, ever the lady, politely licks her treat until it's all gone.
Taking his cue from the rat bastard, Brosa picks up his brownie and walks away with it, leaving a delightful mess all over the carpet!
And voila!  Today's Santa Pix photo taken at the Chapters store in Dartmouth Mic Mac Mall area.  We were the first in line today and got in and out before it got crazy!

This is my scanned photo - the actual digital photo, coming soon, will be much clearer.

Enjoy your Christmas season!