Monday, 31 January 2011

New pillow from Costco!

Went shopping last week and bought our first-ever bolster pillow.  The pups are enjoying it!

And here's a typical night when I'm trying to crawl into bed (2 of the 3 usually have to move over!):

Monday, 3 January 2011

The New Year is off to a lazy start!

Hey there, it's Brosa wishing you a Happy New Year!

We bunched up mama's Leopard Snuggie in a ball along with her leopard blanket!

We were bored by "Eclipse" last night so we passed out on momma's hip.  
Or rather, Delta did, and I used Delta as a bed.  I slid behind her when momma moved!
 MMM!  Momma gave us stuffed marrow bones.  
But I was sure Delta's was better than mine so I had to have a taste and see.
 Mine's pretty good too!
Oscar loves his but he won't share.