Sunday, 20 February 2011

It's Brosa's 2nd Got-Day

It's officially tomorrow, but as I'll be at work, I'm reposting the original blog post as seen on the BRAC website tonight.  Love my B-man!

Brosa's got day - February 21, 2009 at age 12 weeks

7th Annual GPAC Doggie Expo

Today, Brosa and I attended the annual Doggie Expo at the Halifax Forum - last year it fell on his 1st Got-Day, and this year, it's the day before his 2nd!

We saw many of our friends, and also met people who remembered Brosa from his early days with Boxer Rescue of Atlantic Canada - they loved seeing how he turned out. :)

Here are several of our photos from the day.

The east-coast team of Ador-A-Bull, including the very newest member of the family, J.D. (hidden in the baby sling)

 Choupette (a Chinese Crested), aka Blondie, aka Debbie Hairless, performing a soft shoe, ha ha!

Eggie, a beautiful Chinese Crested

One of several Boxers Brosa met and kissed

3WDogs (dehydrated liver & tripe), Sublime Canine, and Silvia Jay - 
all friends sharing the same joined tables.

Brosa and a sweet little puppy have a little wrassle

The Doggy Bag Treatery, located in Enfield NS.  
One of the partners is Trish Pittman, who looks after Lab Rescue Nova Scotia.

Maureen Tate, local distributor of Urban Carnivore products.  She was also there to talk about the Nova Scotia Integrated Health Pet Expo, coming up in October 2011
There were so many lovely dogs there - I wish I'd been able to get a photo of them all!
 Pretty Bloodhound!
 Dogue de Bordeaux - love them!
 Adina MacRae did a mini-seminar - her companies include Sublime Canine and Clicker Leash (which you may remember that Brosa had a funny couple of cameos in their "Perfect Puppies" video)
 Great Danes - several of them there!
 Great Pyrenees
 A lab using an orthotic device, possibly from K-9 Orthotics and Prosthetics
 The plate of treats at the Urban Carnivore table is proving much too tempting for this Great Dane, as the table height is JUST RIGHT!
 I'm sure I'm mixing up my hounds, but would this be a Scottish Deerhound, like the breed which won Best In Show at Westminster last week?
 One last shot before we said goodbye!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Will March come in like a lion?

What the heck was February, I wonder?  Lots of bitter cold, mild temperatures, sun, snow, sh*t-loads of snow, rain, and everything in between.

We have guests here this weekend!  Our friends Nari and Kya are staying for a couple of days (as they did last weekend too) while their mama is visiting her family.

Here are a few photos from last weekend.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fun in the snow

More fun to be had in the snow today.  Brosa digs out his Holee-roller from a snow bank and happily leaps for it over and over again each time I throw it.

Oscar is NOT impressed and would like to go indoors


If you think you're bringing that snow-filled Holee-roller indoors, think again buster!

This is what Brosa looked like this afternoon when snoozing, lol!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Our first big storm of 2011!

Snow has been steadily falling - up to 45 cm is forecasted for some areas.

Delta and Brosa enjoy leaping through it, but Oscar requires a path shoveled for him... however, he will still hop/wade into the deep stuff if it means peeing where the others go!