Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer for 1 day again!

Happy Victoria Day Canada!

It's almost 30 Celcius this afternoon!  Supposed to drop again for the remainder of the week, not getting over 15-17 degrees.

In the meantime, we're periodically enjoying being outside without getting overheated.  A kiddie pool and self-dunking helps!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Believe it or not, I have cats too!

It seems as though I talk about my dogs most of the time and hardly ever of the cats, which is a shame since they're equally as wonderful!

The Lhasa Asshole/Rat Bastard has hated them from the day he arrived; I had hoped that within 6 months he would have learned to have lived with them, but sadly, no amount of acclimation has occurred.  Therefore, in order to protect the cats, we have baby gates in place to act as a barrier in the home.

Judah was my ex's cat when we first started dating way back in 1996.  "Ju-Ju" is a dream of a cat; he has so much loyalty and just wants to be with you.  In fact, he does remind me a bit of a dog as he will follow you around and cuddle with you.  Such a sweet boy.

When my ex and I moved in together 2 years later into an apartment, he decided that Ju-Ju needed a friend; we did go look at kittens which were advertised in the paper, but he did not like the home and therefore, no free kitten (there was a pretty black & white which I was ready to bring home).

Then, we found out there were kittens in a local pet store (this was before I learned how terrible most pet stores are which sell live animals).  We went there to see 4 tabby/tortie mixes in a back window.  One in particular saw us, stood up spread-eagled on the glass, and YOWLED!  My ex said "we'll take THAT one".

And so, Kayzee came to join us.  Kayzee received her name the first night:  she purred so loudly that I proclaimed that she sounded like his Kawasaki KZ 750... hence her name (originally spelled KZ but no one ever knew how to pronounce it, since "Z" can be "zed" or "zee"; we chose the American pronunciation).

Judah wanted NOTHING to do with her that first night (Sunday); he couldn't get far enough away from this interloper.  Happily, coming home from work the next day, we were greeted by the sight of the two of them cuddling, and Judah grooming Zee.  They have been inseparable ever since.

At Zee's first vet visit, she weighed 0.8 lbs, and rather than the 7 weeks we were told she was, the vet believed her to be more like 5 weeks old.  That began our education about the evils of live animals in pet stores.  Zee is still a healthy little girl all of these years later, but early on she had inappropriate urination issues, which could be related to the early separation from her family.  She is also a compulsive groomer, and her belly and legs are usually bald; but otherwise, she seems happy at 11 years of age!

Judah has also had a life-long heart murmur, first picked up at 4 years of age when we first moved into the apartment; he has been on medication since then and has been completely fine until a year or so ago, when he lost a LOT of weight (he was down to 8 lbs when he should be 12 lbs) and was vomiting often.  Testing indicated that he had early onset-kidney failure, along with hyper-thyroidism; medication and a different diet reversed the kidney issue and regulated his thyroid.  Today, a year later, he is at his healthy weight and looks and behaves wonderfully for a 17 year old cat!

And of course, living in a house of dogs which includes foster dogs, Ju-Ju and Zee are our stunt cats to determine whether a foster dog can live with cats or not.  ALL have passed (with only some showing excessive interest, but not aggression); how's THAT for irony.... I adopted the one dog that cannot live with them!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Baby Raccoon

Today was a busy day!  I spent the afternoon at the Maritime Tattoo Festival, and after I came home, spent an hour mowing the grass.

Then had to make a quick run to the store to get milk/juice; I'd no sooner returned home and gotten inside the door when my doorbell rang.

Two men from the neighbourhood had brought me a baby raccoon in a bucket to save, knowing that I "work for the SPCA"; I told them I don't work for them, but I do take part in various fundraising events.

They said they found the baby amongst some garbage and were fearful that she was suffucating.  With no mom in sight, they decided to remove her and get her some help, bringing her to me.  They weren't prepared to go further with this little baby, so I took her off their hands and took the drive into the Metro Animal Emergency clinic in Dartmouth.

She was crying and I couldn't bear for her to lay in the bottom of a cold bucket, so I grabbed the fleece blanket from the back seat, picked her up, wrapped her in it and cradled her in my arms on the drive.  She fell silent so fast that I thought she had died, but really, she was probably cold and hungry; the blanket and snuggle hopefully gave her a little relief.

Once we arrived at the hospital, I filled out the paperwork to turn her over to Hope for Wildlife.  I was told that they currently have in the neighbourhood of 200 raccoon babies this year.  Hopefully they have room for one more!

It gets a little frisky around here at times...

... and Oscar is almost always the instigator!

August 2005 - With foster dog Sunni (now owned by Carrie and Shawn)

February 2006
February 2006

Wrasslin with Duncan

May 2006

Delta & Jack - December 2008

Oscar & Jack - December 2008

Delta and Foster dog Dexter (RIP) - November 2008

Oscar & Harley - June 2009

Brosa & Bora - September 2009

Oscar, Harley and Scully - September 2009

Oscar & Kano - March 2010.


Bobby Brown lyrics:

Get up off me back
Save your heart attack
Ain't nobody is humpin' around
No matter what they say
No it ain't that way
Ain't nobody humpin' around

Bobby didn't know WHAT the hell was going on in MY house then...

Friday, 21 May 2010

Delta loves Galileos

 What a stroke of luck to get THIS pose back in 2006 ....

But sadly, it takes my gutter-brained friends (because I'm so innocent *bats eyes*) to turn a mere bone into something dirty.  *grins*

Thanks for the laughs Tara!

I support....

... Boxer Rescue of Atlantic Canada, of course!  I am a long-time foster home for BRAC and greatly support many other rescues, including Boston Terrier Rescue Canada.

In addition, I support East Coast Collars, creators of beautiful and fashionable collars for our fur-friends.  ECC donates a portion of the proceeds to BRAC, and other rescues needing emergency funds.  Please consider browsing this site and placing an order with them.  ECC will make an attempt to ship anywhere possible!

Delta and Brosa proudly wear ECC merchandise on the business cards and magnets promoting ECC!

The many faces of Oscar

My friend Joan blogged about her little dog Buttercup this week, as she was giving her an at-home haircut.  So it made me think that I should blog about Oscar's many styles.  Here are some of his hair-dos and hair-don'ts!

I adopted Oscar (Lhasa Apso) in August 2004 when he was 6 years old.  He was nicely groomed when he came to me.

When the time came to take him for his first haircut, I didn't really know what to do.  I thought I might try my hand at it first, but needed someone to show me how.  Someone volunteered, but that turned into 2.5 hours of torture for Oscar and I vowed not to put him through that again.

So, over the years, I attempted it the best I could.  At first I thought I'd grow his hair out and attempt to do the traditional Lhasa look.  This was as far as I went before I decided HELL NO!

This is MUCH better.  My first attempt at a haircut (but you can't see the Grinchy legs/feet)

The following are more styles over the years:

I've clipped his ears really short several times, but it's not a look I like for him.  Now I leave them long.

The beard is also not such a great look, and it holds a lot of water when he drinks!

He was due for a haircut here - this was right after I dunked him in the pool to cool off on a hot July day.

this one was from May 2009 - and I decided to document the "other dog" that ended up on the floor!

For all the hair I shaved off this fella over the years, he could have singlehandedly cleaned up the current oil disaster..

And finally, April 2010 - his first professional grooming at Tailwagrrrs  in Bedford.  What a great job, legs, feet and all!

What was your favourite of Oscar's looks?  Let me know!

Our friends!

I am fortunate to have a lot of great friends with dogs!  Over the years, we've gone to dog parks, to the ocean, and hosted playdates and overnights here at the house.  Here are some of our friends through the years.

Judge was a Valley Bulldog belonging to my friend Laura Lee - we met after she had contacted me when she saw Duncan's photo on the web.  Their faces were different, but their bodies were the same, right down to the "spare tire" spot on their back!  Judge has since passed away - what a sweet boy.

This is Stella (on the left) with Delta.  Stella introduced Delta to the joys of playing in the ocean at Pugwash Point in August 2004.  I met her mom Sara online after finding an article she wrote about a neighbour's Valley Bulldog.  We became fast friends and try to visit when we can.  Stella has stayed overnight with us several times too.

Pipp, my friend Tara's beautiful rescued Border Collie.  Such a hard start to life but overcame it to find joy and have fun.  Pipp passed away earlier this year.

Xena owns my friend Kat (here she is, sleeping the way she had probably since before she left the womb!).  Xena has a brother named Bailey too (but I think those photos are on my other computer).  Older brother Brodie was also a pal; he passed away several years ago.

Sam (English Springer Spaniel in the background) owns my friend Tiffany.  Sam was a lucky rescue!

Jack is our neighbour

Buster is the new Valley Bulldog in Laura Lee's life.  So CUTE!

Scully is a red-headed, green-eyed she-devil, owned by Tara

Fudge (the Dalmatian) and Mick (the Parson Russell Terrier) are Michele's boys.

This is Miss D, Gail's lucky rescue!

Maximo/Maximillian!  He is a "purebred Newfoundland Crackie" and was a puppy at the same time Brosa was - owned by Janet C!

Here are Pipp and Scully again, along with brother Karma (2nd from left) and friend Harley (far left, a Puggle owned by Anna)

This is our neighbour Marley, a Boston/Bulldog mix.

Marvin, Sneakers and Max, owned by Charleen

Bora (on the left) owned by Lee Anne - she's our friend from Boxer Rescue Atlantic Canada. :)

This is our pal Angus, owned by Theresa.  He is so much fun!  We will miss him and his family when they move to Ottawa.

And how about this beauty?  Kano (a Cane Corso) is owned by Nathan, and they're another family we will miss when they move away.

Here are two long-time friends of ours too - Kya on the far left and Nari on the far right.  My good friend Angela owns them.

And this would be Sade-the-Ninja, Scully's little mini-me.

There are so many more I could post, of dogs we've met over the years.  These are but some of our favourite friends. :)