Friday, 21 May 2010

Our friends!

I am fortunate to have a lot of great friends with dogs!  Over the years, we've gone to dog parks, to the ocean, and hosted playdates and overnights here at the house.  Here are some of our friends through the years.

Judge was a Valley Bulldog belonging to my friend Laura Lee - we met after she had contacted me when she saw Duncan's photo on the web.  Their faces were different, but their bodies were the same, right down to the "spare tire" spot on their back!  Judge has since passed away - what a sweet boy.

This is Stella (on the left) with Delta.  Stella introduced Delta to the joys of playing in the ocean at Pugwash Point in August 2004.  I met her mom Sara online after finding an article she wrote about a neighbour's Valley Bulldog.  We became fast friends and try to visit when we can.  Stella has stayed overnight with us several times too.

Pipp, my friend Tara's beautiful rescued Border Collie.  Such a hard start to life but overcame it to find joy and have fun.  Pipp passed away earlier this year.

Xena owns my friend Kat (here she is, sleeping the way she had probably since before she left the womb!).  Xena has a brother named Bailey too (but I think those photos are on my other computer).  Older brother Brodie was also a pal; he passed away several years ago.

Sam (English Springer Spaniel in the background) owns my friend Tiffany.  Sam was a lucky rescue!

Jack is our neighbour

Buster is the new Valley Bulldog in Laura Lee's life.  So CUTE!

Scully is a red-headed, green-eyed she-devil, owned by Tara

Fudge (the Dalmatian) and Mick (the Parson Russell Terrier) are Michele's boys.

This is Miss D, Gail's lucky rescue!

Maximo/Maximillian!  He is a "purebred Newfoundland Crackie" and was a puppy at the same time Brosa was - owned by Janet C!

Here are Pipp and Scully again, along with brother Karma (2nd from left) and friend Harley (far left, a Puggle owned by Anna)

This is our neighbour Marley, a Boston/Bulldog mix.

Marvin, Sneakers and Max, owned by Charleen

Bora (on the left) owned by Lee Anne - she's our friend from Boxer Rescue Atlantic Canada. :)

This is our pal Angus, owned by Theresa.  He is so much fun!  We will miss him and his family when they move to Ottawa.

And how about this beauty?  Kano (a Cane Corso) is owned by Nathan, and they're another family we will miss when they move away.

Here are two long-time friends of ours too - Kya on the far left and Nari on the far right.  My good friend Angela owns them.

And this would be Sade-the-Ninja, Scully's little mini-me.

There are so many more I could post, of dogs we've met over the years.  These are but some of our favourite friends. :)


Gail said...

Awesome pics of very good doggie pals. Thanks for adding D there :). One day I will bring Bullet too. He will get along with everyone because he just don't care lol as long as someone tells him he is handsome lol.

melgeo126 said...

Love all the pictures!