Thursday, 20 May 2010

Brosa, the Flying Squirrel Monkey Man

Those who know me often hear me refer to Brosa this way.  Why??

Well, he jumped and moved the x-pen all around,

and climbed on top of the crate inside and almost made it to the dining room table...

(which of course necessitated removal of the top of the crate):

My heart still skips a beat when I remember how he took a flying leap from my bed to me sitting on the floor (when you consider that the bed, which is of the deep-thickness variety and reaches the top of my hip when I stand next to it, is quite high for a 3 month old!).  My boyfriend at the time, and I, gave a yell and then couldn't stop laughing over Brosa's NERVES OF STEEL!

The couch USED to be in front of this banister, but he jumped over the side one too many times when someone came to the door (right Tara and Shawna?).  Even more scary... he has pushed Delta over the side!:

He likes a good game of Leap Frog:

Frisbee is a TONNE of fun!  He leaps high in the air to catch them.

Those super-dee-duper springs in his legs allow him to keep an eye on me when I'm shovelling the driveway in winter...

And gives him that height he needs when I've inconveniently put the toys out of reach.

That Brosa.... if he's not a Flying Squirrel Monkey Man, who is?


melgeo126 said...

Gosh, he sure can JUMP!!! haha I'm glad mine are all lazy and don't have springs in their legs!

doglove said...

It is INSANE how high he can jump - that's a 5 foot fence and I have visions of him getting his paw caught and be left hanging... the boy seriously needs to learn "4 on the floor"!!