Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Delta update

Here are some BlackBerry photos of Delta at home after her surgery.  She is feeling quite good more than 24 hours later.  So happy!
At home and in a rigged up pen for Delta using my coffee table, a collapsed kennel, and two baby gates!  This is for Delta's protection, to keep her from being too active, and to keep the rowdy boys from injuring her further!

Feeling tired and probably a little pain - what a sad face. :(

Bandaged for 5-7 days (although if it starts to roll, I can remove it.  The first day or so was most important for keeping pressure on the incision)

I'm inside the pen with Delta now, and Brosa is crying about it, ha ha!

Delta was unhappy about not being able to see me in my recliner (this is the view from it) and therefore I changed the layout for her.  She was much more content with this.

Unfortunately, in order to create this pen, I had to utilize the space in front of the picture window, and it's somewhat cold/drafty there.  So I bundled her up and she stayed asleep for hours.

Day 2 - our friend Shawna O'Handley came to the rescue and loaned us one of her xpens for a few days!  This is much better!  I set this up away from the cold wall/window and Delta can see much better now.

Hee hee!  She was talking to me here.
I imagine her saying "AWWWW MOMMMM!  Why do I have to stay in here?  This sucks!!"

I let the boys come in for a visit for a few minutes. 

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