Saturday, 14 January 2012

Delta is 10 today!

Delta is 10 today!  To celebrate, we removed her banadage, and then later had Three Dog Bakery treats.  I'll let the pictures tell the story...

Moments before bandage removal, the kids are enjoying a nap/cuddle.  Sorry to disturb you, kiddies!

Bandage - the sticky side ripped out some fur too - ouch!  Delta didn't even flinch but goodness... and look how it  matches the blanket as well.

8 stitches

Oh nos!!!  The "Cone of Shame" and the pen.... unfortunately Delta wouldn't stop licking the stitches, so to protect those, and also her from the crazy boys, this is what we had to do.  "Mom!  My birthday SUCKS! You should have left the bandage on me!!"

Three Dog Bakery

Let Them Eat Carrot Cake
Boxer Brownie
Drooly Dream Bar

Everyone stayyyyy!


mmmmm! (Walker ran off with his in the living room)

So good!
Happy Birthday Delta! xoxo

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