Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy Belated Canada Day 2010

It's been a busy couple of weeks (including a birthday)!  First off, Oscar's leg definitely has an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, and to make matters worse, his patella is involved too (but not sure it's a luxating patella condition or not?).  His physio-therapist, Shelly was quite concerned when she saw him last week, as it was obvious that the leg is worse than originally thought and it was also exacerbating the condition of his other leg, which had an ACL injury in January 2009 and not 100% strong.

We have an appointment to see the very lovely (and extremely busy!) Dr. Eric Carnegy on Tuesday, to get his opinion on the leg, and whether he thinks Oscar can tolerate surgery at his age and heart-health (my other vet at another practice is 100% for surgery, which I'm not totally comfortable with).  Knowing Oscar's leg is worse than originally thought, the risk of surgery MIGHT be worth it, but I need to weigh all the options first.

Poor little bugger.  On the plus side, his mobility was actually quite good this morning - perhaps with all the carrying him around I've been doing, his injury has had some time to mend a bit.  We'll see!

This holiday weekend's fireworks have reinforced that Brosa is not afraid of them, so that's great news!  Delta and Oscar are still scared of those (and thunder/lightning) and therefore, their new Thundershirts cannot come soon enough!  Thunderstorm season is still ahead of us and I'm sure the shirts will be well used!  Thanks to Adina for ordering them for us.

We enjoyed a Canada Day playdate at my house with some friends.

 Karma, digging a hole to China behind my shed.  Little stinker!

Obi, fully recovered from a serious operation to correct bloat.

 Sade the Ninja, stalking her prey

 Scully, taking a break from wrasslin' with the Ninja.

 Fudge the Dalmatian, and Mick the PRT visit my house for the first time.

 Delta and Brosa having fun with their friends

 Oscar needed to stay on leash the entire time (as he has been since his injury) to prevent him from running and making his ACL injury worse.  He's still quite mobile though and wants to smell all the pee spots along with Karma and Delta.

And last, but not least, introducing Tara's newest addition, an adopted 8 year old female Chinese Crested who is still to be permanently named (it changes every day until she decides she has found the one she likes, lol!).

ETA:  Blondie, AKA Debbie Hairless (Hairless/Harry - get it?  *snickers*)

Brosa and I went to the Lietash farm last Saturday for the first time in a month (due to the busy times with the Relay for Life, no lessons, etc.).  As it was raining, the lesson was in the barn and I think Mr. O was pleasantly surprised to see the progress Brosa has made!  He no longer uses his paws to assist with catching (not at distance throws, but at close-up tosses he does) - can catch the frisbee mid-flight most of the time, and also did tricks (jumped over my leg, weaved between them) really well (although we hadn't practiced much!).

I mentioned to Mr. O that my friend L.A. joked that I should combine Brosa's love of jumping and water and get him to a dock-dog lesson; he agreed, and suggested I should take Brosa down to the lake and let him walk around/play in the water.  So we did, although instead he wanted to walk on the dock with all the beaver poop to smell (he didn't eat any nor did he roll in it, thank goodness!).  We walked to the end of the dock; Brosa looked over the edge at the water, and WALKED RIGHT OFF THE DOCK.  He sank like a rock!!

Thank goodness I had his long-line on him - at the same time I dropped to my knees to grab the line, he surfaced, doggy-paddling wildly to get out.  I was able to grab him and get him out on the dock.  He was a little water-logged, but not faring too badly.

It was about 5-10 minutes later, while walking him around to dry him off, that I discovered his leg was bleeding badly.  He squealed and hollered at me when I attempted to press a napkin to it as a compression.  It appeared he'd scraped his dew claw pad quite raw.  I took him up to Mr. O's house for assistance, but after 10 minutes it was decided it was much too tender to fool around with (Brosa was quite upset!) and the bleeding was already stopping - therefore, just keep it clean/disinfected and let Brosa lick it.

He was NOT a happy dog on the way home or for the rest of the day.  He didn't want to come near me much at all, thinking I would hurt him some more.  :(  It wasn't until the next day, Sunday, that he relaxed enough to accept snuggles from me again.

Little did I know when looking at this injury, what was to come a few days later!

A few days later, he was holding his paw up outside; when I went to investigate, I discovered his dew claw had fell off!

No wonder he was so tender!

Looking back at the previous photo now, I can see that the injury site was where the dew claw had been ripped off.  OUCH!

He's on the mend now - it doesn't seem to be bothering him anymore.  It remains to be seen if the nail grows back.  I hope not!  I despise dew claws.

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