Thursday, 17 June 2010

Updates: Relay for Life and Oscar

I neglected to update on the results of the Relay for Life because I've spent much of the week recuperating from the sleep deprivation!  I sure can't bounce back from an all-nighter the way I used to, ha ha!

My team, Goddesses for a Cure, raised over $32,000 this year, and the Sackville Relay for Life event took in over $221,000 - how amazing is that?!

After arriving home the next morning, I managed to get a nap for 45 minutes until it was time to put all the crap treasures on the driveway for the the community yard sale.  How I managed to do that for the next several hours is beyond me!  I did raise $60, which also went to the Relay for Life:

Poor Oscar.  He wasn't feeling too well that night and the next day, but he recovered from it.

Now, to make things worse, he injured his left rear leg last night.  As he was no better today, off to the vet we went and the diagnosis is a torn anterior cruciate ligament.  ARGH!  Not again!  Poor little buddy.  It's the opposite leg of the one that had the same injury in January 2009.  Rest and Metacam for the week and then will reassess to see if there is any improvement - if not, surgery will have to be discussed, although I don't expect it's likely given his age (12) and his heart health (Grade 4 murmur).  Hoping Shelly Beazley at Pawsitive Action will find time in her very busy new-mommy schedule to help him out as I credit her with his speedy healing the first time around!

My friend Joan posted the link to a downloadable application to make your photos look like paintings.  I did this one of Oscar while waiting to leave for the vet appt (photo from September 2009):

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