Monday, 16 February 2009

Vet Update Feb 16, 2009

An update from Brosa's foster mom:

I'm going out for the day but I'm back with mister after his appointment with Uncle Dave. After he put his eyes back in their sockets and hugged the crap out of me he said Brosa's good to go for a bit. Since the midline cleft changed so much he would rather not touch the back until he's grown more, since he's doing ok. He asked that if he was going to you that he could come back here for his neuter and he could see him and his mouth at that time, around 7-8 months old. Whatever wasn't 'filled in' he would see what he could do.

He did great playing with everyone, trying to play with Cookie's cat, loving all who came in the door and visited him, etc. He's 11.4 pounds. Dave reminded me that I lied to him but said it was worth it.
He's not expected to have any issues. He'll call me later with his blood. Heart and lungs sound great. I will worm him again as it's been a month. He's eaten soft food (stew) and not had any issues either. So, all he needs is to have attention paid to his eating/drinking to make sure it's going ok. He does sneeze sometimes when he drinks and wakes up - that's expected. Make sure there's no nose or eye discharge or smell. He gets eye snots just like any other boxer but you know what I mean.
So, the ball is in your court. Think about it and let me know what you'd like to do.
I'm very happy.

(ETA May 20, 2010)  This was when we were in discussions about my possibly adopting Brosa.  At the time, Oscar was recovering from an ACL injury and Delta was being aggressively treated for an eye ulcer.  It was a big decision to decide to adopt a little wild-man!  But one I have not regretted - he is truly a joy and we should all live life as happily as he does.  :)

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