Saturday, 7 February 2009

Double digits

Reposted with permission from Boxer Rescue of Atlantic Canada

Yup, you read right - I'm now in the double digits with age and weight. Yay me! I'm 10 weeks old and 10 pounds. I broke the kitchen scale last week so my mom has a bit harder of a time weighing me now since the graduations are pretty small and not all that easy to make out. But, I stood on the scale all by myself and she thinks I'm between 9 and 10 pounds but I'm an optimist and round up. I'm eating lots so I think I deserve it.

My lungs are still coming along nicely too so, i think I'm doing pretty well. I've got lots of personality and get into trouble a fair amount. I still don't get into as much trouble as Forrest does though. Mom told me that I shouldn't learn anything from him and to pay attention to the girl dogs only. Forrest is fun to play with though and is close to my size. I'm still allowed to play with him.

I sleep all night and I love to cuddle. Sometimes I get to sleep in the bed but other times I sleep with my sister and brother. I'm always warm. I really like to lay in the sun too (I wish it was sunny all of the time - my mom taught me that) so I have a bed in the sunniest spot of the house for an afternoon nap.

It's 2 weeks until I go to see my vet again. I miss him. I'm getting a little nervous though, I must say. I'm not going to go to the clinic in a carrier though - I'm going to be big enough to go just as I am, with my collar and leash.

You know what really sucks though? The cold! Mom has been trying to get me to go outside to pee like my sisters (and sometimes brother) but it's not nice out there! I don't like it. She says it's going to be nice out tomorrow though so I hope so! Talk to you soon!



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