Sunday, 21 April 2013

Introducing DITA

For the past 2 months or so, I had been seriously starting to think about bringing a new dog home.

The first dog that got me on that path was a young blind Boxer from Boxer Rescue Quebec.  Carson was still on the website as needing a new foster or permanent home.  Lucky for him, he was already adopted into a loving home, right here in NS in fact!

The next dog to grab hold of my heart was Troy, at Homeward Bound City Pound.  There was just something about that little tank, a Valley Bulldog mix.  Alas, he was not the one for us either (he's still waiting for his family - needs a home that will work on his manners, particularly regarding toys).  He has a few *let's call them quirks*, which would be stressful to Delta and at her age, I'm not interested in putting her through that.  We want an easy one.

Which brings us to a young (1.5 years) female Boxer in need via my friend at Boxer Rescue Atlantic Canada (or, East Coast Boxer Rescue).  I picked up this little girl via transport on Friday supper hour.

She came to me with an injury that had occurred in her former home just before they surrendered her to the rescue volunteer.  She has been allowed to run at large and most likely was injured in the woods.  She suffered several punctures on her feet and legs, the worse of which created an abscess on her right rear foot. She has never been vetted, had puppies at the tender age of about 9 months, and on a very poor diet.  Despite all of that, she is in beautiful shape, doesn't appear to have any parasites, and is a friendly, sweet girl!

She had a vet visit yesterday morning to confirm nothing was broken in her foot.  Xray, antibiotics, pain meds and Sentinel equals one expensive dog in less than 24 hours!

She and Delta hit it right off, although it has been quiet time until this morning.  She is obviously feeling much better!  She is putting her foot down and using it more, and best of all, the Boxer games have started!  How I love to see them play. :)

She came as a foster to see if she will be a right fit for my home, and it seems like she may be.  She's just a lovebug.

ETA at 5:30 pm - it's official - Dita is mine :)


Sara said...

She's very photogenic! And you love taking photos of your dogs. Match made in heaven, I'd say.
Congrats! More Boxer love in your life.
Sara, Stella and Abby

Three Dogs Long said...

What an adorable face....I'd say she has wormed her way into your heart! We are keeping our paws crossed that she has found her forever home!

(((Hugs))) Oskar & Schatzi

doglove said...

Thank you Sara and Charlotte. She's here to stay!