Friday, 13 March 2009

Update from Brosa in his new home

Pictured above: top - with Shelly Malcolm Beazley, of Pawsitive Action Physical Rehabilitation
middle - my first puppy class at Lietash Canine Academy
bottom - meeting my new brother Oscar and new sister Delta

Reposted with permission from Boxer Rescue of Atlantic Canada

Hello my loyal fans! Boy, I have so much to tell you since I last wrote!

I am loving my new home, my mom and my sister. I even love my brother, even though he's a cranky old sour-puss. I'll make him love me yet - everyone loves me eventually!

The past month has been a really fun time! My mom takes me places to visit people and I'm making friends all over the place. She takes me to puppy classes where I get to play with other dogs my age and size - that's new for me since I've only played with older dogs up until now. The classes also have puppy agility equipment and I'm rocking that. I have no fear, you see. There is a video somewhere that was taken at my first class, and if I find out where it is, I'll let you know! It's made by my friends at the Clicker Leash Co. They're famous, you know, because the First Puppy is getting a clicker-leash from them. And they love me too.

Mom calls me her flying-squirrel-monkey-man, because I love to jump from high places. She says I'm going to give her a heart attack one of these days. I think my brother's physiotherapist almost did when she was at the house last week, hee hee! And she loves me too.

When mom is at work, I have a my own little space to sleep in. I don't like being in that pen, so I tried to get smart and climb out by jumping on top of my crate. I guess mom didn't like that too much, and the next thing I knew, the top of the crate was gone. Can't climb up/out anymore! But you watch - I'm trying hard to jump out over the pen!

All of that jumping and running in the yard is making me big and strong. You thought I was buff before? You should see me now! I turned 16 weeks old this week and as of last night, I weigh 17.5 lbs. See? I'm turning into The Rock! Watch me flex my muscles! You know I'm doing good when my weight exceeds my age. I get weighed at my new vet every week. And they love me too.

I am so excited that I get to see my foster mom again this weekend since she's coming into my neck of the woods for a visit. I hope she brings cookies. My mom has been a bit of a slacker when it comes to making those homemade cookies I love. She's making people cookies instead, which is totally unfair since I'm not allowed to have those. I think they will trade some.

And speaking of food, I'm doing great eating and drinking! Sometimes, some food does get sneezed back out through my nose, but that doesn't happen often. Mom devised a plan to get me to eat my entire meal from my bowl - she added just a little bit of something called "tripe" to it. I don't know what it is, but wow! I love the stuff! I eat all of my food and go looking for more because I know my sister and brother also get the same. They don't leave me any leftovers though - bummer!

Anyway, that's it from me, until next time. Scroll down and check out some new pictures of me too. Love to you all and thank you all for helping me live!


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