Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I saw the vet today

Reposted with permission from Boxer Rescue of Atlantic Canada
Well, I'm home from the vet. It was nice outside today so that was good. My foster mom took my hot water bottle for me to cuddle up to though.

My vet is very nice and he likes me very much. I didn't care too much for his 'manhandling' of me but I tried to be good. He said that my heart and lungs sound pretty good. I had a bit of a set back when we tried to stop the antibiotics but I'm getting fixed up again. I have new medicine too, to help my poops. I also have some new food that I'm looking forward to trying.

I didn't get just good news though. It seems my cleft is a lot worse than everyone thought. Now that I'm a little bigger my mouth is easier to see and the vet said that my cleft in the back isn't repairable yet. So, now we need to wait and see again and I'll still need that yucky tube for a while longer than I hoped.

I'm tired now so I'm going to go and have a nap.

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