Wednesday, 26 October 2011

RIP Sasquatch/Cesar

After mama cat and her kittens were delivered to the SPCA, I was informed that Sasquatch, the polydactyl, was a boy, not a girl.  Oops!

Sadly, Sasquatch (renamed Cesar at the shelter) became quite ill, along with mama Kallie.  I found out this week that he passed away.  Kallie is still fighting a serious upper respiratory illness.  The other 3 kittens were adopted, but Circus cat also came back to be treated for an illness.  His prospect looks well though, and he will go back home when he's recovered.

Please keep Kallie and Circus in your thoughts for a speedy recovery.

RIP dear Sasquatch.  I hope the short time you had after being rescued from the cold, cruel world was comfortable for you. :'(

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