Saturday, 3 September 2011

Atlantic Small Dog Rescue Dog show and expo - Sept 3, 2011

Brosa and I attended the ASDR dog show today - this is the first of what is sure to be an annual event and it was very successful!  Lots of vendors there; people who I've known for years and those also found at other dog-events such as this.

Here are some of our photos from today - pictures aren't great - had a shaky hand today!

Ann and Janet from Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network.  Animal Rescue Coalitions is to their left.

The sign for the event outside the Hants County Exhibition

Heather from NSLDN, looking after Silvia Jay's table for a moment

Kittens available through Hants County SPCA

Flyball demonstration

Amy MacRae and Milla, from Sublime Canine

Greyhounds, from GPAC

Brosa being cute!

Patches, a dalmatian mix who has been waiting a LONG time for her forever family!

Quinn, a recent rescue who was severely neglected and also a chained dog all of his life.  His body shows the hard life he has led up until now.  He is a sweetheart who will make someone's life whole some day in the future. :)

Spike, Eggie and Dottie, a few of Amanda L's crew, and models for her Tinydog Tailor's Dog Clothing creations!

There was a Tinydog Tailor's fashion show today, and Brosa was an honourary Tinydog... Here he is sporting a custom made "Support Our Troops" camo jacket made of fleece, with a velcro belly flap.  So handsome!  He'll be proud to wear this, this winter.

Some of the Tinydogs fashion models

Our friend Pocket, the pittie, was there and they remembered each other.  Had a great wrassle!

Got some dehydrated liver treats from Crazy Dog (Shawna) and she gave us a frozen chicken foot too.  Brosa's not sure what to do with it... but I know a girl at home who is going to love it!

Stay away, you buggers!

Nom nom nom!  Gone in 3 minutes!


Gail said...

Great pics Lisa :)... must say it was fun watchin our 2 have some fun together :)

voice4dogs said...

Awesome pics, Lisa. Was nice seeing you and Brosa again.