Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lori Foster's T-Shirt Project

One of my favourite authors, Lori Foster, had an idea to create "The T-Shirt Project" on Facebook; she sent out 300 t-shirts to her fans throughout North America, and other countries, in the hopes that she would receive photos back from those fans wearing a t-shirt, and have a photo to represent each state and province.

So here we are, representing Nova Scotia - rather than just pose in the shirt at home, I wanted to choose a landmark that is clearly recognizable as Nova Scotia.  I would have loved to have gone to Peggy's Cove, but the timing wasn't there.

The Clearwater Seafood sign with the huge lobster is a good choice, I think!  I sent Lori some links to interesting facts about our province as well.

Hope you enjoy the photo as much as I enjoyed taking the dogs out to do this!  Thanks to my friend Angela for being our photographer today.

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