Friday, 1 May 2009

I'm 5 months old now

Reposted with permission from Boxer Rescue of Atlantic Canada

Has it really been 5 weeks since I last posted? I guess I'm having WAY too much fun to be in front of the computer these days. Ahh, spring is here and this warmer weather, new spring grasses and decaying winter smells are far more exciting than the snow and cold I grew up with!

First the big news. I'm now 22 weeks old (that's 5 months) and as of last night, I weigh 30.5 pounds! Even my mom was shocked - I'm buff - told you so!

Since I'm a big boy, I've graduated from the puppy exercise pen to the crate when mom leaves the house, and that's working out really well. Although, I do like to give her the run-around first before she leads me in there, ha ha! Nothing like making her work for it.

I'm now allowed to sleep on the bed at night with my mom, sister and brother, and I sleep through the night. When mom starts to stir in the morning, I bounce on her head to help her wake up. I don't think mom is a morning person as she wakes up pretty grumpy…. she says having 30 lbs of baby Boxer jumping on you in the morning would make anyone wake up grumpy!

I'm making a lot of new friends at a dog park I've started going to. I have a great Puggle friend, Bulldog friends, Pittie friends and Border Collie friends (those are just a few of the many I've met!). I really love running with the border collies - mom's friend tells her that I need a Border Collie brother or sister, but mom just says "no" to that. That's okay; as long as I can keep coming to the park to play with them, it'll be something to look forward to!

I have big boy teeth now! I know you have all been wondering about my mouth and how well I'm eating. I still have the two holes in my mouth - the one up front behind my nose hasn't closed up at all so it looks like I will probably have that fixed this summer. I have no trouble eating my food and chewing on bully stix, and I love to drink lots of fresh water to quench my thirst and cleanse my palate. So far, so good!

I hope to check back in with you very soon in the near future. Again, thank you all for your love and prayers when I was a baby. I hope I make you all proud of what you're seeing now!

Love Brosa

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